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{April 3, 2013}   Mike Golic On Homophobic Taunts “It’s just the way jocks talk”

Sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean in Hollywood

Simone and I woke to a comfortable, South Florida morning.  We turned on the television and were watching ESPN2′s Mike and Mike.

Mike Greenberg of ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike a...

We listened intently as Mike Greenberg was on a very welcomed and justifiable rant concerning Rutgers’ Mike Rice using homophobic language toward his young players.  When he finished, he said to Mike Golic, if you are going to tell me that, “it’s  just the way jocks talk,” then things have to change.  Golic answered, “It’s just the way jocks talk.” 

We were shocked.  We thought maybe Golic was just making a joke, a very bad joke. So we continued to listen.

Golic continued, and thankfully said that it was not okay, but further explained that players would just slough that off… that type of language is just thrown around all the time. 

After hearing Golic say that, Simone and I went from shocked to saddened.  With all the progress that is being made in the way of gay rights, with gay marriage potentially being given equal, legal status and the recent news that an NFL player may come out and talk openly about being gay — Mike Golic brought us back to reality.  If homophobic language is acceptable in the athletic world, we express sorrow for the gay athlete, and we opine that this may not be the time for an NFL player, or any other professional athlete, to come out.

If we take Golic’s sentiment to heart, that homophobic language is still used, and the implication that it is acceptable when directed at a perceived heterosexual athlete — what horrific taunts and potential intimidation would a brave homosexual athlete face?

Mike Golic of ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike at th...

We are not saying Mike Golic agrees with the sentiment, but he, as a former professional athlete, has an insight those of us on the outside simply to not possess.

It seems that for every  step forward gay individuals make, we are made aware of the harsh reality that those steps are not only hard-fought, but they may in reality be nothing more that a false perception.

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